Nvidia job vacancy may suggest a new Nintendo Switch


The market and users do not hide that they hope for Nintendo to launch a new more robust Switch in the future. Despite the success of the Japanese hybrid, as it is, the consumer wants more firepower to achieve higher resolutions. Today, the maximum that the gaming device can deliver is Full HD resolution, when connected to the dock and broadcasting the gameplay to a TV.

Good news may be on the way: a vacancy opened by Nvidia recently asked a senior software engineer to work on projects on the Tegra chip line. The workstation is geared towards the development of the next generation of graphics and artificial intelligence, combined with the features of DLSS 2.0 technology.

For dealing with Tegra projects and involving this technology – aimed at the intelligent upscale of visual content – it would make a lot of sense to expect that all of this involves Nintendo. It would make sense to adopt this path to deliver higher resolution images on a new Switch without compromising the performance of the chips, as it would allow the console to reach new graphics standards while keeping the console’s low production cost, somewhat in line with Nintendo’s approach.

Today, the company has three models available: the first of all, with the Tegra chip poorly optimized for battery life. A review that replaced that first “lead”, which offers twice the battery life. And a third model, the Lite, which is cheaper and does not allow the transmission of games to a TV.

Remember, Nintendo’s figures regarding the Switch are great, which helps it to recover faster from the Wii U failure. The company has no intention of launching a new console model in 2020. With the pandemic, then, that it would become even more difficult.

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It is also worth mentioning that the Switch is a relatively new console, having completed in 2020 only three years of life. If he receives a new model in the coming years, it is very likely that the novelty will not mark the beginning of a next generation, but a product of the current line with superior powers, but sharing a library with all other models of the hybrid.


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