NVIDIA Geforce RTX 30: the true next generation is here


It promises the biggest leap in quality and performance in its 27-year history. And the numbers support it.

NVIDIA had been announcing the date of this presentation as the greatest advance in PC Gaming since 1999, the year in which this manufacturer presented its first GeForcey, indeed, it was a huge leap in the graphic quality of video games. The announcement could sound pretentious and, being a bit scathing, almost desperate, given the situation of this manufacturer in the last two years, since the launch of its first RTX. This week’s announcement comes to remove everything, including prices.

In this decade, hardware has seen how the manufacture of processors began to collide with many limits, breaking for the first time the well-known Moore’s Law, and suffering a worrying technological stagnation. It was time to change technology, to take risks, to seek solutions outside the traditional route. AMD has taken lessons from this with its Ryzen family. NVIDIA followed suit and went for a very risky move. He abandoned the fight for the highest frequencies and pure performance in Frames Per Second and marked a new route towards realistic lighting, with Real-time Ray Tracing, and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The presentation of the first RTXs in 2018 left users cold. They were a pretty promise, based on tech demos and a handful of games that I was making the most of, with the drag of a very high price and a leap in “classic performance”, pure speed, that hardly made any difference compared to the previous generation. .

In these two years it has been shown that NVIDIA’s bet was the right one. AMD has been forced to equalize the bet and, above all, the new generation of consoles will have immediately normalized the use of Ray Tracing or RTX. Nowadays, no video game developer can have ambitious aspirations if he does not also follow that path marked by NVIDIA. The question that remains is whether Ray Tracing is the future because it was the natural leap in graphics technology or because NVIDIA opted for it.

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