NVIDIA GeForce Now silently starts working on Linux


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joins the GeForce Now party, as does Linux as the Avengers go into action

If you use or have followed NVIDIA GeForce Now, the cloud gaming platform that brings PC titles you already own from sources like Steam and Epic Games to a multitude of devices, the latest development seems to have quietly emerged.

Discovered by the GamingonLinux team, Linux users can now, it seems, access GeForce Now on Chromium or Google Chrome.

In fact, previously this tactic consisted of manipulating user agents to make GeForce Now believe it was on a Chromebook, following the release of the web client for Google laptops, and it works fine.

And just to verify it, Firefox still shows an incompatible device error.

So if you’ve been waiting for Linux support for GeForce Now, definitely check it out.

Available for all major desktop operating systems

It also means that the platform can now be used on all major desktop operating systems, mobile access is currently limited to Android.

Along with this good news, NVIDIA also added its regular weekly series of new games to the GeForce Now library, and while it’s a week smaller in numbers, the main event is a huge success.

Earth’s mightiest heroes join GeForce Now when Marvel’s Avengers joins the service, along with Stick it to the Man, ULTRAKILL and Zero Escape: The Nonary Games.

Other exciting news from GeForce Now includes Fortnite’s work with RTX enhancements coming to GeForce Now for founding members in the weeks following its launch on PC.

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Buyers of a new NVIDIA RTX 30 Series graphics card can also get one-year access to the included GeForce Now along with a free copy of Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s not bad at all.


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