Nvidia GeForce Now Challenges PS5 with Hardware Used


Nvidia’s cloud-focused gaming service, GeForce Now, has finally completed its two-year beta process. The platform, which allows you to play high profile games without having a gaming computer, runs hardware that can even challenge PS5 at the back.

As you can imagine, GeForce Now uses Nvidia’s own RTX GPUs. According to benchmark results leaked by a Twitter user named TUM_APISAK, the cloud-oriented gaming service draws its power from a unique graphics card called Nvidia T10-8. Graphics card based on Turing architectural TU102 in GPUs such as RTX 2080 Ti Super, comes with 8GB vRAM.

Tested by a 300,000 test team during the two-year beta process, GeForce Now allows you to play high-profile games smoothly at ceiling resolution, even on an average computer. In other words, even an affordable laptop can now challenge PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to GeForce Now.

By the way, let’s also say that GeForce Now users have access to a highly unique component: an octa-core and 16-thread Intel CC150 processor. Backed by a 16 MB shared L3 cache, the chipset promises to deliver maximum gaming pleasure with minimal hardware.

In the screenshot published on Twitter, we see that GeForce Now chips are tested with the Ashes of Singularity game and get a total of 2,600 points in 1080p resolution. Also, the average frame rate appears to be 27.1 FPS. The results may not seem exceptional; however, the performance in question is enough to play a game remotely via stream. Especially when you start using GeForce Now on low-end devices, these values ​​will become much more impressive.

GeForce Now offers players an economical and convenient way with its cloud-focused working logic. Services such as Nvidia’s platform and Google Stadia can minimize the need for hardware in the future. At this point, time will show how traditional consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox will produce a solution.


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