NVIDIA Freestyle: photo filter makes games more realistic


Racing games have always served as a platform to showcase the best graphics quality that consoles and computers could offer across generations. With that in mind, NVIDIA called on digital artist and game photography expert André Revolution to work on images for Project Cars 3.

In this essay, André customized his filter with NVIDIA’s Freestyle, which he considers to be the simplest software to use. “It’s like having the power of the photo editing software I use, but in real time,” he celebrated.

Ingame photographs are becoming increasingly popular with photo specialists, as we discussed in this interview with the collective I Hate Flash.

The idea of ​​NVIDIA Freestyle is to allow images to sharpen in real time. This is a GeForce Experience feature tailored for those who like to retouch and work with images.

The settings used by André were Exposure 0%, Temperature 0%, Contrast 31%, Color Saturation -27.6%, Highlights -86%, Sharpness 4%, Shadows -60%, Clarity -5%, Gamma 0%, HDR Toning 92%, Tone Color 100%, Bloom 0%, and Tone Intensity 10%

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