NVIDIA Exceeds Expectations and Exceeds $6 Billion in Revenue


Anyone looking at the price of video cards sold today has no doubt that NVIDIA would have a great profit in its fiscal balance. And that’s what happened. The American manufacturer published, on Wednesday (18), the second fiscal quarter report, which showed gains well beyond analysts’ projections. Revenue also exceeded market estimates.

Among the good numbers, the only product that did not take off was the cryptocurrency processor (CMP), launched by the company in March and dedicated to the virtual currency sector. The expectation was that, after reducing the mining power of the RTX 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti, CMP sales would reach US$ 400 million, but the reached was US$ 266 million (R$ 1.4 billion).

The company reported that earnings per share (LPA) were $1.04 (R$5.6) adjusted, beating analysts’ forecasts who were betting on $1.02. Second-quarter revenue reached $6.51 billion (R$35 billion), above the Refinitiv market consensus that showed an expectation of $6.31. NVIDIA shares rose more than 2% in trading after the close of trading.

NVIDIA’s perspectives

NVIDIA is going through a phase of high growth, driven by the explosion in demand for the products the company manufactures. The worldwide shortage of semiconductors has meant that graphics chips, increasingly important in games, artificial intelligence and crypto-mining, are sold at gold prices by retailers. It is not by chance that the company’s revenue rose 68% per year.

As expected, NVIDIA’s graphics segment, composed mainly of GPUs, grew by 87%, reaching US$3.91 billion (R$21.3 billion). Less accelerated, the computing and networking sector, which supplies chips for data centers, grew 46% to US$2.6 billion (R$14.1 billion).


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