NVIDIA DLSS 2.1 technology details have been revealed!


In addition to the new graphics cards that NVIDIA introduced a few days ago, some important technologies have emerged. One of these technologies was the new version of DLSS technology that entered our lives before. What will NVIDIA DLSS 2.1 technology bring with it? Here are the details …

NVIDIA DLSS 2.1 technology designed for 8K!

With the introduction of NVIDIA’s RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 model graphics cards, many different technological features and innovations have emerged. One of these technologies is the enhanced version of NVIDIA DLSS technology.

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According to NVIDIA’s statements, DLSS 2.1 will bring an ultra performance mode for playing games at 8K resolution. It is claimed that RTX 3090 will offer 8K resolution gaming experience thanks to its 9x scaling option.

In addition to all these, DLSS 2.1 will also come for VR, virtual reality heads and applications. In addition, DLSS 2.1 technology will offer dynamic resolution support to its users.

What does NVIDIA DLSS technology do?

A technology that comes into play during the corner smoothing technique of drawn objects. While the graphics card draws the drawings, it draws without the corner smoothing feature, and then the Sensor cores on the RTX graphics cards come into play and activate the high resolution and corner smoothing thanks to the learning networks. The result is higher FPS and better quality corner smoothing.


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