Nvidia Cuts Driver Support For Some Graphics Cards


Nvidia has announced that it will not provide driver support for some graphics cards. Some video cards will not be able to get new drivers in the next update of Nvidia.

Nvidia has gained the trust of many users with its driver support for both GPUs and GPUs. As new updates continue to come for older Nvidia graphics cards, it turns out that the company will cut driver support for some graphics card models. Kepler architecture GPUs will not receive driver support.

Nvidia to cut driver support for Kepler-architecture GPUs
In Nvidia’s data center documentation, it has been revealed that GPUs with Kepler architecture will only receive driver support for one more term. According to these documents, driver support will be cut for the GeForce GTX 600 series, some GTX 700 series and GeForce 800M GPUs within a few months.

Soon Nvidia will release the R470 drivers. This driver will support the Kepler architecture for a while. Updates coming after the R470 driver will not support Kepler-architecture GPUs. However, Kepler GPUs will not be shelved after this update.

R470 will give LTSB (Long Term Support) for 3 years. The R470 driver will support Kepler-architecture GPUs for kernel revisions, operating system updates and bug fixes. Kepler architecture GPUs have been found to be the most used graphics cards in the market.

According to hardware surveys on Steam, the most popular Kepler architecture graphics card, the GTX 750 Ti, is used more than the RTX 3080. At this point, the RTX 3080 accessibility issue can be discussed. Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, access to RTX 3000 series graphics cards is very limited. After the R470 driver is released, you can continue to use your Kepler architecture GPUs. Not only will the new driver receive support.


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