Nvidia CEO Believes ARM Buyout Will Be Approved


Nvidia: Officially announced in September 2020, the acquisition of ARM by Nvidia for US$ 40 billion is practically defined, but it still depends on some obstacles to be formalized.

However, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is confident the barriers will be overcome soon. During a video conference at this year’s edition of the Computex fair, which is held digitally, he commented on the next steps for the purchase and indicated a possible deadline for the end of the procedures.

“I believe it will take 18 months, so until the end of this year or early next. I am confident about the transaction. Our companies are complementary and therefore we will naturally bring innovations that arise as a result of companies that become come together to offer complementary things,” said the executive, based on the last major purchase of a company made by Nvidia.

pressure and bureaucracy

The fact that Huang insists on the term “complementary” is no coincidence: regulators in countries like China may get in the way of negotiations because they believe that the purchase represents an anti-competitive market practice, as a giant in one sector is absorbing another big brand that offers similar products or services.

In this case, both are large brands in the semiconductor industry. Currently, ARM is a division owned by SoftBank and its independence from other competitors is the main argument of tech giants trying to block the acquisition.


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