Nvidia Announces Purchase of ARM for $ 40 Billion


Nvidia announced the acquisition of semiconductor manufacturer ARM. The agreement, which was approved by the companies’ boards of directors, cost 40 billion dollars. The process is expected to be completed within 18 months.

In a news we shared about three months ago, we reported that Nvdia, the number one in the graphics card industry, took action to purchase ARM, one of the important names in the semiconductor industry. There has been no new development on the subject since then, until now: Nvidia has officially announced its acquisition of ARM.

Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM will open the door to very important innovations for the semiconductor industry. After this acquisition, artificial intelligence will now appear more and more in smartphones, cars, PCs and other platforms. In addition, Nvidia will produce artificial intelligence-supported supercomputer powered by ARM CPUs to support ARM’s R&D efforts.

The value of the acquisition is exactly $ 40 billion

In the statements made by Nvidia, it was stated that the purchase was made for $ 40 billion. Saying that artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology of our day, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang states that with this agreement, ARM will be placed in a great position for the age of artificial intelligence. Moreover, according to Huang, the trillions of artificial intelligence-powered computers and Internet of Things technology will become more popular than ever before. Here, ARM-Nvidia partnership will make itself felt better when those days come.

Purchase of ARM is a serious problem for AMD

Nvidia’s purchase of ARM is the most problematic for AMD. This is because Nvidia will be able to create ARM-based GPU designs with the purchase. This will set Nvidia a few steps ahead of AMD. The giant of the graphics card industry seems to impress consumers with its impressive GPUs in the coming years.

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The agreement between the two giant companies has been approved by the companies’ boards of directors. So both companies have agreed with all the details. Next, there is the approval of the regulatory bodies of the USA, China and the UK. This process is expected to take about 18 months, and at the end of this period, ARM will be included in Nvidia. Nvidia’s process of buying ARM seems to be talked about a lot in the coming days.


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