NVIDIA Announces Promotion That Brings Battlefield 2042 as Freebie


NVIDIA: Battlefield 2042 is one of the most anticipated games of the year and has people counting the days for its official release, scheduled for October 22nd. If you are one of the millions of eager fans and still want to win the game “for free”, NVIDIA has launched a promotion that could be quite interesting for you. Anyone who buys a desktop or notebook with a GeForce RTX Series 30 graphics card until September 14th gets Battlefield 2042 as a freebie.

An important point is that the promotion is only valid for the purchase of notebooks and desktops with the RTX 30 cards — not for the purchase of add-on video cards. In addition, whoever buys the PC at NVIDIA’s partner stores (the full list is on the brand’s website) will already receive the game’s redemption code via email.

Those who purchase in other stores are also entitled to the “gift”, but need to send the invoice and a screenshot of your GeForce Experience account to validate it to [email protected]

Ideal experience for Battlefield 2042

NVIDIA’s idea with this promotion is to show that RTX 30 cards are “ideal” for a good experience with a modern game like Battlefield 2042.

In press releases, the brand highlights technologies such as Ray Tracing RTX and DLSS, which improves image quality with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as NVIDIA Reflex, which decreases latency during online matches. Another feature greatly highlighted by NVIDIA is the GeForce Experience itself, which constantly updates drivers ahead of the long-awaited games release.

If you’re interested, give yourself time to buy your PC gamer with an RTX 30 card and join the promotion to win Battlefield 2042. Or, like most of us who don’t have the money for a new PC, you can expect it to launch in late October to buy the game yourself.


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