NVIDIA Announces It Has Been Hacked! Announcing Their Demands, Hackers Threaten to Disclose 14 GTA V Files


It turned out that hackers attacking NVIDIA leaked 1 TB of data. According to the information obtained, a huge portion of 250 GB of this data belongs only to the hardware. It is also said that information about graphics cards that NVIDIA has not released has been captured.

In a news we shared with you in the past days, we mentioned that GPU giant NVIDIA was hacked. Suspicions on that day suggested that the attack might have been caused by the Ukraine-Russia crisis. In his statements on the subject, NVIDIA stated that the attack was first detected on February 23, and since then, at least, there has been no interruption for consumers. Now, there has been a remarkable development on the subject.

According to the information obtained, the hacking group Lapsus$ behind the attack leaked 1TB of data from NVIDIA systems. While it is claimed that 250 GB of these are only related to hardware, it is stated that all the details of the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti model, which we have not met yet, have been captured. According to the allegations, the details of NVIDIA’s many future graphics card models have also been in the hands of hackers.

Lapsus$ wants video card drivers to be open sourced

Hackers have cornered NVIDIA. Saying that they will leak the data obtained, Lapsus$ asks NVIDIA to make the graphics card drivers completely open source. Hackers, who want the restrictions on cryptocurrency miners to be lifted, state that they have given the company until Friday. It is not yet known how NVIDIA will respond to hackers.

In the statements made by cyber security experts, it is stated that Lapsus$ is a top secret group and even its headquarters are not fully known. On the other hand; Nor could it be determined whether these hackers had any ties to the Russian government. However, according to cybersecurity experts, Lapsus$ does not cooperate with the Russian government. Hackers act according to their own interests, taking advantage of the chaos in the world…