NVIDIA Announces History of GTC 2020 by Citing New Architecture to Introduce


NVIDIA excitingly announced the history of the GTC event, which was canceled in the past weeks and announced to be online. The company referred to its new architecture, Ampere, in a statement it shared.

A few weeks ago, NVIDIA announced that it was delaying the GTC Technology Conference due to coronavirus and that the event will be held online. After weeks of this statement, the company announced the date for the online GTC event.

According to NVIDIA’s statement, the GTC 2020 event will be held on May 14, 2020. Although we are excited about the event where we will see NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics cards and technologies, the company shared a detail that made us even more excited in its statement today.

NVIDIA hinted at its new architecture:
In the statement made by NVIDIA, along with the date of the online GTC 2020 event, a detail of what we should expect in this event was also included. The company included a phrase such as ‘Get Amped’ in the article it shared. This phrase, which NVIDIA shared, did not make any sense when examined alone, but it was actually a big hint under this phrase.

NVIDIA’s ‘Get Amped’ sharing was a reference to the new architecture, ‘Ampere’, which will be the company’s new graphics card architecture, according to many. NVIDIA, who wanted to introduce its new architecture, did everything in its power to not cancel this event, but eventually canceled the event. That’s why the company made such a sharing that excited everyone.

Of course, although NVIDIA has referred to the architecture named Ampere, it can change the name of this architecture at any time. Therefore, we may not hear an architecture named Ampere during the event, but it should not be forgotten that the code name of the new architecture mentioned is ‘Ampere’.

NVIDIA’s online GTC 2020 event can be watched live on YouTube. Throughout the event, the developments NVIDIA has achieved in terms of artificial intelligence, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, robotics science and graphic equipment will be introduced.


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