Nvidia Ampere: RTX 3090, 3080 and 3070 custom unveiled


Ahead of the Nvidia conference, which is taking place as we go to press, several manufacturers have already lifted the veil on their impending RTX 30 custom.

For several weeks now, many rumors and photos have been roaming the net about the custom versions of the RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. We know that the RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090 both share the GA102 GPU (in version GA102-200 for the first, and GA102-300 for the second). With 12-pin power cables only for Founders Edition use, the 3080 will be powered by two 8-pin connectors and the 3090 from … three 8-pin connectors. The RTX 3080 would thus consume 320W, and the RTX 3090, 350W. In any case, this is already implied by the first technical characteristics unveiled a few days ago.

Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC Gaming

Beyond the Founders models, one of the first custom cards to get the ball rolling is the Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC Gaming. It had already been mentioned in the middle of summer, when the RTX 3090 was still known as … 3080 Ti. Around a classic design for the Taiwanese manufacturer in this model range, with three axial fans, the card has 3 slots thick. It also confirms the presence of three 8-pin power connectors.

Colorful GeForce RTX 3090 Vulcan X, Vulcan X-OC and Neptune D

On the Colorful side, there are three variations of the future mastodon of the Ampere generation, with the GeForce RTX 3090 Vulcan X, the GeForce RTX 3090 Vulcan X-OC and the GeForce RTX 3090 Neptune D. Here again, the leaked captures reveal the presence of three eight-pin connectors. The difference between the models would be mainly in the cooling system and factory overclocked frequencies, on the Vulcan X-OC model. More interestingly, this leak also reveals an order of magnitude of prices, with the Vulcan X offered at 13,999 yuan (1,720 euros), the Vulcan X-OC at 15,999 yuan (1960 euros) and the Nepture D at 12,999 yuan (1,590 euros) . Estimates which confirm the first rumors of prices… really very high.

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Gainward GeForce RTX 3090 Phoenix GS and RTX 3080 Phoenix GS

On the Gainward side, we discover a GeForce RTX 3090 Phoenix GS which more clearly indicates its technical characteristics, with 5248 CUDA cores, and 24 GB of GDDR6X at a speed of 19.6Gb / s, on a 384-bit bus. The GPU frequency would be 1725 MHz, for a TDP of 350W. The RTX 3080 Phoenix GS would carry 4352 CUDA cores, with 10 GB of GDDR6X at 19 Gb / s, on a 320-bit bus. It would be clocked at 1740MHz, for a TDP of 320W.

Either way, stay tuned to our coverage of the Nvidia conference, to learn more about what’s new in the Ampere architecture and detailed features of this new line.


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