Nvidia Added Instagram Style Game Filters to GeForce Now


Nvidia’s platform GeForce Now, which allows you to play games over the cloud, will now allow us to customize games with filters, such as filters we have added to photos and videos on Instagram.

An important feature has come to GeForce Now, the game platform developed by Nvidia with great hopes. With Freestyle technology, the company offers image filters to games similar to those on Instagram. With this technology, you will be able to play games with different filters. For example, you can apply sepia tones to a game of your choice, increase color and contrast, reduce blue light in night mode and turn on HDR.

What does GeForce Now offer?

Offering the opportunity to play games over the cloud without installing it on the computer, GeForce Now has started to change the direction of the game industry with the new features it brings. Many computer users, especially those with insufficient systems, turn to platforms like GeForce Now and have the chance to play the game without having a problem with “my computer is warmed up.” Of course, GeForce Now, which is currently launching for a very limited number of games, regularly announces new games.

The last feature that Nvidia brings to GeForce Now will allow you to change the look of the games as you wish. This feature, which will allow you to change the lighting settings of the game, just like the filters you make on your own photo, will be presented to the players with personalization methods.

Nvidia has also added Highlights support to Destiny 2. This feature is used to detect and capture precautionary game moments automatically. So you can automatically record important moments in the game without having to create manual clips.

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