Nutella: you’ve never pronounced this spread well!


Did you know that you are mispronouncing the name of the famous Nutella spread? We give you more details. Surely you are not pronouncing the name of the Nutella spread correctly!

Since there is almost a day for everything, know that February 5 is World Nutella Day! So of course, we were a little distracted by the news related to the Covid-19 pandemic or the arrival of Valentine’s Day that we forgot to celebrate this special day.

But as they say, better late than never! Today we are therefore celebrating this famous spread that we love so much.

More than a chocolate hazelnut toast, it is a real way of life. But did you know that the famous dough was born a bit by chance?

According to the story reported by the company itself, it all started in Italy in the 1940s. Michele Ferrero son and successor of a pastry chef from Piedmont sells a block of chocolate with hazelnuts, milk and oil vegetable.

In 1949, a heatwave hit the country. The blocks of chocolate melt in the sun and then turn into a paste, very easy to spread!

The young man and his uncle Giovanni then decide to put it in a pot. And Paf! It makes Nutella.

Years later, his recipe would find itself in the midst of a scandal because of its composition. Indeed, it contains palm oil, the production and use of which promotes deforestation.

But Ferrero decided to react. Today WWF congratulates the company on its efforts.


After the chocolatine vs pain au chocolat debate, today it is the pronunciation of the famous brand of spread that is problematic. Indeed, it is very likely that since its creation, consumers of Nutella mispronounces its name.

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And you might be one of them! The parent company Ferrero has therefore decided to put things straight.

Thus, we now know that the name of the spread brand is pronounced NOUtella! Eh yes.

During all these years, you have mispronounced the name of your favorite product! But after so many decades where consumers pronounced Nutella with an u, it is believed that change is not about to happen.

Indeed, it could be confusing for those who are already used to this pronunciation. As false as it is, it is believed that Nutella lovers will not change their habits.

But this pronunciation should not surprise us much given the origins of the brand. Indeed, if you imagine yourself saying it in Italian, it is not surprising. Eh yes !

So if you want to pronounce it correctly, we won’t blame you. Accompany this pronunciation with a nice Italian hand gesture and we promise you will not be judged! It’s your turn.


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