Nutella is 4th in the ranking of the best spreads!

Nutella does not seem to be at the top of the basket anymore… Indeed, other spreads are already catching up with consumers. To the point of overtaking the giant Ferrero, yet popular with young and old alike. Who is at the top of the ranking of the best chocolate-hazelnut spreads?

Everyone has already succumbed to this spread at least once. Nutella is on everyone’s lips and especially in all department stores.

It must be said that its good chocolate and nutty taste makes everyone agree. The French are even completely mad when it comes to getting them.

A few years ago, clients of a major retailer literally took a break with a great deal. Neither one nor two, all throw themselves on this spread.

The Italian Ferrero therefore has a recipe that works, unmatched, that seduces outside the Boot all the way to us in France. However, he is no longer the only one to offer such a recipe.

Nutella must therefore face stiff competition and not the least … Out of 14 spreads, the French have decided, and it is no longer the favorite of baguette lovers!

Nutella is 4th in the ranking of the best spreads!


With a spoon, on toast, rusks in desserts or even on brioche… There are a thousand and one ways to savor Nutella in short.

However, any spread can do the trick, especially if it’s better than Ferrero. According to a recent ranking, she is even far below the mark as she only takes 4th!

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A very surprising thing, when you know how far the French are willing to go to taste it. That said, new recipes are having an effect, according to this survey of 60 million consumers.

Starting with the alternative of U, without palm oil, which arrives just in front of the giant who was believed to be hegemonic. Of course, it is followed from afar by another of the same kind.

The Casino version comes second in the ranking of the best spreads. The firm has opted for packaging in the simplest device: “I am hazelnut, the first spread without palm oil”.

Finally, the big winner of this ranking: Foal, also without palm oil. It’s hard to tell yourself that it is she who far exceeds the famous Nutella brand!

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to these spreads, each just as delicious as the next. Especially since some put milk aside, for the intolerant and vegans.

Nocciolata also offers a lactose-free version, very similar to Nutella and it’s quite addictive too. Finally, it’s all a matter of taste and on that, it’s hard to get a consensus.



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