Nurses Trim Their Hair To Avoid Infecting Corona Virus (Video)


Doctors and nurses from all over China are going to quarantined cities to take part in the treatment of the Corona virus. It was revealed with the published videos that the nurses to take part completely cut their hair before starting the task.

Videos showing that nurses and doctors involved in the treatment of corona virus in China have completely cut their hair. Health workers cut their hair to avoid getting infected and easily change their clothes.

The video shared from the Twitter account of People’s Daily China, the biggest newspaper in China, shows that the hair of the nurses who came to Wuhan to take part in the treatment of the corona virus has been cut.

In the video shared in Xinhua, the official news agency of China, it is stated that being balding provides an advantage not only for spreading the virus but also for changing protective clothing.

Health professionals who take part in the treatment of the Corona virus use adult diapers instead of going to the toilet to save time. Health professionals are interested in more patients over time.

Health professionals are also physically injured while they work to treat the virus. Many health workers’ skin appears whitening due to the intensive use of disinfectants. Permanent lines began to appear on the faces of doctors and nurses because they constantly wore masks.

Health workers working in quarantine cities, primarily Wuhan, are also psychologically harmed in addition to physical harm. “I think physically and mentally every doctor and nurse in Wuhan has difficulties,” said therapist Candice Qin, who is in charge in Beijing. We know that patients are worried. But we should not forget that doctors are also human. ”

Video of nurses shared by Xinhua:

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