Nunez’s “box office” Compared to Suarez, As The Media Say, “Liverpool momentum”


Ian Lediman from The Mail believes that Liverpool’s victory was deserved:

“The same result as at the weekend for Liverpool, only without aggravation.

“Although Sunday’s one-goal victory over their great modern rival Manchester City was born of the fire and fury of a desperate Anfield, this result was earned more calmly.

“Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also doesn’t need to worry too much. His team was simply better than the West Ham team, largely devoid of ambition. Sometimes that’s all it takes.”

David Lynch tweeted how important it is not to lose points after beating Man City:

And Paul Gorst of the Liverpool Echo enjoyed a potentially “fruitful” week just passed:

“If something tangible can be found at Liverpool at the end of this season, then the last seven days could be fateful for Jurgen Klopp.

“After rekindling the spark with seven goals at Rangers last week, consecutive home wins by a narrow 1-0 margin over Manchester City and West Ham United may have finally allowed the Reds to reach the Premier League.


“If they want to return to higher heights in this division, they must first rely on home form. After all, it was only Liverpool’s fourth win out of 10 this season.

“However, there is a feeling that this group of players is starting to regain their confidence, their swagger and, most importantly, their identity.

“Six more points are available for Klopp’s players at Anfield before the World Cup break, and the result just has to be maximum return against Leeds United and Southampton.

Others had to welcome the talent of Nunez and Alisson…

Neil Jones of Goal believes that this night was a key one for Nunes:

“You can say whatever you want about a man from Liverpool for 64 million pounds, but you don’t want to take your eyes off him. It’s been a long time since Reds fans couldn’t enjoy the flamboyant Uruguayan striker, but Nunez, like Luis Suarez before him, seems to have what it takes to become a favorite at Anfield.

“He is certainly a cash register, a magnet for shots and a bundle of energy whenever he goes on the field. And here, for the first time in his new club, he became the winner of the match, his superb header in the first half settled a debilitating, at times nervous struggle.


“He clearly has talent, and he looks like he has bundles of faith. His work ethic has endeared him to new fans, and although his game ended rather unexpectedly at the beginning of the second half when he was replaced by Harvey Elliott, he can reflect on a job well done. Another one.”

Mark Delgado from This Is Anfield focused on the “brilliant” game of the Uruguayan:

“The first 40 minutes were basically Nunes’ hours! Five chances, one goal, lots of activity!


“The goal itself was a really good header, a wonderful move between the two central defenders to make the most of Kostas’ excellent cross.

“But, apart from the efforts on goal, there was a lot of work, running, chasing, nightmares of poor Ben Johnson to rob him and prevent him from playing, even hitting in the left-back zone.

“The brilliant half.”

Mark Critchley of the Independent praised both Liverpool as “match winners”:

“If Sunday’s win over Manchester City is to be the springboard Liverpool have been demanding in a stuttering season, then perhaps this narrow and nerve-wracking win over West Ham United could be the same for their momentous summer signing.

“There will be hope that Darwin Nunez’s first goal at Anfield will serve as a catalyst for a career that is beginning to show an increase in potential, if this winning match has any significance.

“However, he was not the only winner of the match. Nunez’s header in the first half was the only goal of the game, but Alisson prevented at least two more goals, saving Jarrod Bowen from the penalty spot on the threshold of the break and depriving Thomas Soucek of what seemed an undoubted late equalizer.”

Mirror’s Tom Victor thinks Liverpool are sometimes too dependent on Alisson:

“Recently, Liverpool’s faith in their goalkeeper may have become excessive, and those who are ahead of the Brazilian are still desperately trying to make his life easier.

“However, until that happens, few people will complain about the importance of Alisson if he scores vital points for his team.”

And the pace is increasing…

Lediman believes Liverpool are now gaining momentum after a rise in fortunes:

“Momentum. That’s what it’s all about.


“Having started the season so badly, Klopp’s team now has the opportunity to develop.

“Given the injuries that have hit Klopp’s team — strikers Diogo Hota and Luis Diaz won’t play for a while – now it would be a real goal for Liverpool just to be in contact with the top four by the time we move on to the World Cup. in a month.

“Considering where they were after the defeat by Arsenal a week and a half ago, this will be progress. Liverpool will have a grandstand. But as dramatic as it was, it wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t followed by another victory here.”

Finally, Delgado was another person who feels that the Reds are slowly turning the corner:

“These are two wins in a row in the league, and at the weekend against Forest we have a chance to win three in a row for the first time this season.

“If you look at it from a broader point of view, it’s three wins in a row and four wins out of five in all competitions. As Klopp said, confidence and rhythm should return gradually, game by game, victory by victory.

“So it’s absolutely imperative that we don’t waste this big weekend performing tonight and continue not to do so over the weekend.

“Win the game, win the game, win the game. Sometimes it will be brilliant, sometimes nerve-racking, but all of them should eventually lead to a relentless run of form.

“That’s where we came from and where we have to go back to.”


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