The Number of Views You Will Have A Hard Time Reading the Text Styles in Google Fonts


Having analysis on its wide library of 977 different font styles, Google Analytics shows how much of the font styles available in Google Fonts are displayed in total.

US-based technology giant Google; In addition to the Android operating system offered to search engines and smartphones, it has dozens more services. In this context, the company; It also provides services such as Gmail, Google Fonts, Google Analytics, and with these services, it facilitates the lives of both consumers and developers.

Google’s Analytics service is already known to many internet users. Using this service, you can access analysis on almost anything on the Internet. For example, in Turkey in the last period in which the internet search which the city can be viewed by scrolling to some Google Analytics. Now we will talk about an impressive analysis found in Google Analytics.

Google has a service that is not of much interest to consumers but is vital for developers. This service, called Google Fonts, consists of 977 free and licensed text styles. Developers can select the font styles available in Google Fonts and add them to websites or mobile applications they develop. At this point, Google Analytics comes into play and makes the developers’ work a lot easier.

Google Analytics maintains an instant analysis of the font styles available in Google Fonts, among other things. The developers can examine the text styles that the users see most in detail when they access the relevant page. Google Analytics is working in detail enough to show individual results for 977 font styles that Google Fonts has.

Total font styles displayed
The above number does not consist of randomly printed numbers. According to the data in Google Analytics, the fonts available in Google Fonts have been viewed 36 trillion 308 billion 194 million 835 thousand 366 times so far. This number of views continues to increase every second.

According to the data in Google Analytics, a large number of users have had the opportunity to view these fonts through Chrome, another service of Google. According to this, 23.3 trillion of the total view is done through Google Chrome and 6.15 trillion by Safari. The rest of the views are done by Firefox and other internet browsers.

The browsers that users access most of these writing styles are listed as follows:
Google Analytics’ analysis of Google Fonts also shows that the operating system most preferred by users is Linux. You may be confused at this point, but we can explain this situation as follows; The basis of the Android operating system is based on Linux. While revealing these analyzes, Google includes the Android operating system in Linux, so Linux is at the top of the list.

Windows, the most preferred operating system after Linux
According to Google’s analysis, 15.3 trillion views of 38 trillion views of the font styles available in Google Fonts are done through Linux. The number of views of Google’s writing styles on Windows has been recorded as 8.87 trillion. Apple is following Windows. The company’s computers running on iPhone and macOS operating systems have a total of 9.94 trillion views of Google’s font styles.

The most viewed text style by users is “Roboto”
Google Analytics explains that the most viewed writing style in the world is “Roboto” developed by Christian Robertson. Roboto has had more than 10 trillion views in total so far. In fact, we can say that this statistic is already anticipated. Because Android has been using Roboto by default for a long time. Therefore, it is quite normal that the font style of Android in the Linux category is displayed more than the others.

Roboto has also increased its number of views significantly over the past year. According to Google Analytics data, Roboto has seen 10 percent more views last year. This shows that users are starting to use Android and Linux more. It is not known whether Open Sans, which followed Roboto, will surpass Roboto one day, but from the third row of the list, it seems that no writing style is likely to play at the top.


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