Number of Corona Virus Deaths Exceed 50 Thousand in the USA


In the USA, which is the center of the COVID-19 outbreak, deaths from coronavirus continue to occur. While coronavirus has been encountered in 886,213 people in the country so far, it has been announced that more than 50 thousand people have died.

The COVID-19 epidemic, which continues to spread rapidly all over the world, continues to take many lives, especially in the USA. With the latest data announced, the number of people who died in the USA rose to 50,780. In the USA, which has exceeded a new psychological limit, a test of 4,492,797 people has so far experienced coronavirus in 886,213.

New York is the place where the most cases are seen in the USA, which is the center of the epidemic in the world. While coronavirus has been detected in 271.590 people in the city so far, 16.646 people have died.

The outbreak began to be brought under control
European countries are at the top of the list where most coronavirus cases are seen outside the USA. As a result of the measures implemented by governments for a long time, some countries, especially in Europe, started to decline. In our country, we see that the COVID-19 outbreak graphic has turned downwards recently. If there is no new fluctuation, experts who think that we have crossed the peak in our country, suggest that the measures continue to be implemented.


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