Number of Bitcoin (BTC) Taken From Exchanges Increases


As we reported recently, there is an increase in the number of Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawn from exchanges. This situation is interpreted by analysts as a harbinger of a rise that will happen in a short time.

If we come to the question of why Bitcoin is withdrawing from exchanges; Some of the stock exchanges such as BitMEX had technical failures during the sudden drops in Bitcoin’s price and exits. Investors prefer to withdraw their assets to their own wallets in order not to face such a situation again.

Finally, a few hours ago, Whale Alert, who observed high movements in the crypto markets, shared 6,000 BTC transfers from his Twitter account. This transfer, which is about 57 million, was transferred to an unknown wallet from the Bithumb exchange. The transaction fees of cryptocurrencies are often the subject of controversy. The fee paid for this 6,000 BTC transaction was determined as $ 4.74.


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