Nude Coup: Blackmailers Create Fake Police Station To Extort


Nude Coup: Last Sunday (26) Fantástico exhibited a new form of extortion that is being called the “nude coup”. In carrying out the crime, the miscreants pose as underage mothers and fathers to demand money from men who thought they were exchanging sensual photos with supposedly passionate young people.

Rede Globo’s program showed videos and audios of the criminals, showing how the coup is carried out. A man, who is viewing messages and nudes from a young woman he met on the internet, receives a video with threats: “I picked up my daughter’s phone and saw this crap [sic] here. What are you thinking, you pedophile, you patient? My girl is 13 years old. She’s just a kid. Are you crazy in your head?”.

Then a woman pretends to be the mother of the nonexistent “minor”, and starts screaming more threats, saying that she will file a complaint at the police station and file a case against the victim. “I’m going to have the chief arrest you. You’re sick, your pedophile. No shame. Where have you seen yourself doing such a thing,” says the blackmailer.

How does extortion work in the nude scam?

To make the accusation of pedophilia credible, the criminals pressured the men, creating a scenographic police station with two “policemen” extras in addition to the desperate mother. The gang led the discussion to the point where the minor would be traumatized and in need of psychological care, at which point they ask the alleged abuser to remit an amount for “treatment”. Many sent the money right away.

According to the report, criminals worked mainly in cities in Rio Grande do Sul. The success of the coup led them to use only audio messages. But, according to police, the level of sophistication of the modus operandi made the videos leaked on the internet go viral and were used by other gangs in the country.