NUC M15, this is the new computer proposed by Intel


Everyone looks for a computer to carry out their own tasks. Depending on the user’s requirements, it is possible to find higher or lower prices, but that also has to do with the characteristics of the computer. And this is where Intel has the power to build a PC with the new NUC M15 nomenclature. We tell you how they are and who they are dedicated to.

So are the new Intel computers

Intel is a brand that has always stood out for the manufacture of processors. The ‘i’ family is one of the most used by users and they are determined by the odd numbering i3, i5, i7 and i9 from lowest to highest power respectively. But let’s take a look at what the company has in hand and what the architecture of these devices is like.

For starters, the Intel NUC M15s will come with a 15.6-inch IPS display with a 1080p resolution. Curiously, the part of the keyboard does not present a numerical extension and imitates what is seen in the MacBook according to the images of the firm. Come on, the keyboard is framed by wide frames on all sides. It also has a wide trackpad, but it doesn’t feature any buttons.

If we look at the sides of the device, we have two USB C Thunderbolt 4 ports on one side and another USB C on the other, a USB A, HDMI port and a minijack to complete the connections section. But where the NUC M15 stands out is in the processor and is that here the firm has assembled two possibilities: an 11th generation i5 or i7 chip as well as an integrated Iris XE graphics card. This chip will be accompanied by between 8 and 16 GB of RAM and a 16-hour battery is placed in the battery.

Intel will not make these computers
The most curious thing about the Next Unit of Computing, which is the name of the NUC M15, is that Intel will not be the manufacturer of the same device. This movement has been done on other occasions with other manufacturers and will be available in gray and black colors from next year. Neither price nor availability is known yet, so we will have to wait for the brand’s decision.


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