Nubia Red Magic TWS: announces wireless headphones


Through a simple post on Weibo, the Chinese manufacturer Nubia (which started pre-selling its smart watch) announced the Red Magic TWS gaming headphones. The publication was made by the firm’s president, Ni Fei.

The headphones feature, according to the brand, a “” true wireless connectivity “, promising ultra low latency with a delay of only 39ms – when used with specific models of Nubia Red Magic gamer smartphones.

Unfortunately, details such as pricing, availability and possible launch plans outside of China have not yet been revealed, but the new headphones are expected to be commercially launched in the coming days.

The ad post includes the image above, a rendering of the headphones that shows the presence of elements such as LED lights (in the headphones and in the charging case).

The design is similar to what we saw on Nubia Red Magic gamer smartphones, like the Nubia Red Magic 3S, launched last year.

The Nubia Red Magic TWS seem to be the first ones on the market entirely designed for use during games, and their big difference is due to the low latency audio transmission, promising a delay of only 39ms when used on certain Nubia smartphones.

Ensuring little delay in sound, the gaming experience ends up becoming more interesting and can even help when playing games in titles like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.


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