Nubia from Wonder Woman Becomes a True DC Legend in Stunning Fan Art


As Wonder Woman’s new Amazonian matriarch, Nubia, comes to the forefront of comic mythology in Nubia: Queen of the Amazons, she plays a huge new role in DC lore. Along with this rise in fame came a wave of incredible fan art with artists of the new ruler of the Amazons in all its glory.

Nubia is an Amazon native to the island of Madagascar. At that time, she was a princess and a general, serving her people in battle. She was eventually betrayed by one of her closest allies after refusing to kill a little boy, and her soul was bound to the Cave of Souls. After all, Nubia was reborn as an Amazon around the same time as Princess Diana, which led to them being considered sisters. With the death of Wonder Woman at the end of Dark Knights: Death Metal, the Amazons have experienced a lot of strife. In the end, only Nubia volunteered to take Hippolyta’s test of bravery, and so she received the title of Queen of the Amazons. Like Wonder Woman, Nubia is also a warrior with extraordinary abilities, and her newfound position as queen of the Amazons is just an example of that.

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On Twitter, user @un_1028, artist Juen Ha, posted a concept art of Nubia from Wonder Woman, fully depicting her in an amazing pose that perfectly demonstrates her golden battle armor. JuYoung’s work takes a more realistic approach to the character, with clear lines that still manage to convey a smooth and imposing silhouette. Character design is not only a form, but also an expression, and Ju Yong managed to convey the power and importance of Nubia with her height. JuYoung’s work is constantly associated with strong women in armor, and their work with Nubia is a quality addition to their portfolio.

With Nubia’s new position as Queen of the Amazons, she quickly became one of the most important figures in the DC Earth political landscape. Taking the place of the Amazon queen is no small feat, and, like Wonder Woman before her, Nubia will soon have to maintain order between all the various earthly factions. However, some suggest that Nubia’s design hints at a more militaristic character, perhaps pushing for a more expansionist version of Themyscira, rather than the isolationism that the former Queen Hippolyta adhered to. This is due to the fact that her breastplate covers only half of her chest, which apparently refers to the ancient myths about the Amazons as a group of warriors and to the idea of sacrificing protection in order to better pull the bowstring.

After the eightieth anniversary of Wonder Woman and her induction into the Comic-Con Hall of Fame, DC seems particularly interested in exploring the Wonder Woman myths centered on Diana and Nubia. The amazing art of Nubia Joo Yong Ha announces her legendary new status in the history of Wonder Woman, and the potential she has in DC opens a new era for the hero.