Nubia announces 120W GaN charger price


Today the Chinese manufacturer Nubia introduced the new series of its new products to the world: in addition to the Red Magic 5S gamer smartphone, the company announced the soft-screen smartwatch, the Red Magic TWS wireless headset and, as we will talk about here, battery chargers. very high power.

Three portable GaN line chargers were revealed. The most compact has 45W power and a USB-C port. The intermediate comes with 65W power, is a little bigger and has only one USB-C port, while the largest of the trio offers the maximum power of 120W and comes with two USB-C ports and one USB-A.

The company points out that its most powerful charger is 25% smaller than the MacBook Pro 96W charger with USB-C port. But it is worth mentioning that, although the maximum power reaches 120W, it is necessary a product with support for such maximum power or else your smartphone or notebook will recharge at the maximum speed that the battery allows.

In addition, the charging is divided among all the ports used, so those who want to fully prioritize the 120W power will need to use the USB cable connected exclusively to the charger, since by connecting two and three devices it reduces the power.

The Nubia 120W GaN will be sold for 299 yuan (R $ 219), while the 65W model will arrive in China for the suggested price of 169 yuan (R $ 124) and the 45W model will be for only 99 yuan (R $ 72) . The USB-C end cable for two USB-C ends will sell for 79 yuan (R $ 58).


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