Nubank zeroes all carbon emissions in its history


Nubank, the largest independent digital bank in the world, announced on Wednesday (23) that it has zeroed all carbon emissions produced since its foundation in 2013. The company is the first in the banking sector in Brazil and Mexico to do this , according to data analyzed by BSD Consulting.

“Because we are digital and more efficient, we naturally have less impact on the environment. Even so, we want to minimize it as much as possible. So we take another step and are committed to always being carbon neutral,” said David Vélez, founder and CEO of the digital bank, in an article published on the institution’s blog.

Nubank will support three projects in Brazil and one in Mexico to neutralize the equivalent of 4.3 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the company’s activity. The programs were chosen according to their degree of innovation and the social and environmental impact for local economies.

“We want to be recognized and remembered not only for the revolution we created, but for the responsible way we got there,” wrote Velez.

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