Nubank will pay iFood and Zenklub to help quarantined customers


Nubank announced on Tuesday (24) that it will offer medical advice, online psychological support and delivery services to assist customers during the Covid-19 pandemic period. The virtual bank will use a R $ 20 million “fund” that it collected with cost and marketing reductions to cover the shares. The funds will cover medical and psychological teleorientation, delivery from supermarkets and pharmacies and others. The initiative has a partnership with Hospital Sírio-Libanês, iFood, Rappi, Zenklub and The measures are already released to customers.

To use the benefits of Nubank in combating the new coronavirus pandemic, account holders must contact via phone, chat and e-mail. The company will try to understand each specific situation and analyze how it can help the customer. In the case of delivery companies, Nubank can offer credits to account holders who are experiencing difficulties due to Covid-19 and need delivery of food and other items. Both the purchase and the delivery fee will be covered by fintech.

In order to use medical and psychological support, the company must provide vouchers, after the team has analyzed the situation, for customers to schedule a free online consultation directly on the partners’ platforms, as in Zenklub.

The team is still working on stocks with more flexible features that may include reduced interest rates and postpone invoices. But the company will analyze, through the service channels (phone, chat or e-mail), each case before making any decision.

Other initiatives
Other apps have also taken steps to support users during the pandemic. Uber, for example, has provided financial assistance to drivers and delivery partners who are diagnosed with coronavirus or are quarantined by public health officials or licensed doctors. The company’s delivery app, Uber Eats, won the option of delivery without physical contact and removed the delivery fee for small and medium establishments to stimulate sales.

Rappi adopted delivery without physical contact. The rival iFood took the same security measure, and also allocated R $ 1 million to couriers with Covid-19 in Brazil. 99, in addition to allocating a fund to assist drivers and couriers, is paying partner restaurants weekly to help in business.


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