Nubank wants half of its managers to be women by 2025


In celebration of the International Women’s Day, which takes place this Monday (8), the Brazilian fintech Nubank announced new corporate measures to expand equality and diversity in the company’s management environment.

According to the company, the goal is to hire 3,300 women to occupy leadership positions by 2025 at the latest, trying to further reduce this term. If in fact, the goal would cause at least half of the positions to be occupied by them.

So far, women account for 41% of the total number of employees, with 39% of Nubank’s management positions – with emphasis on the co-founder, Cristina Junqueira, who has worked at the institution for almost eight years. The company also offers maternity leave for an extended period and revealed that 93% of people who have children have chosen to leave for six months.

In February, fintech had already announced the hiring of Monique Evelle to act as a consultant in a technology and innovation center of the company in Salvador.

Currently, the company has accumulated 34 million customers and has a market valuation that exceeds US $ 25 billion.


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