Nubank promises to fix error for racist rhetoric


After Nubank co-founder Cristina Junqueira went to social media to portray herself due to the negative repercussions of her interview with the Roda Viva program last Monday (19), the company posted on its website a letter signed by the three founders apologizing for the way the VP talked about racial diversity in the company.

Promising steps to remedy the error, the virtual bank stressed that diversity “has always been part of our culture. The mistake was to think that having value alone was enough. The mistake was to think that things are resolving themselves, by the Nubankers community itself, organically, without continuous efforts and investments from the leadership “.

Nubank still has a long way to go

Company officials acknowledge, in the official statement, that they ended up accommodating themselves with the progress of the first years of startup (the bank was founded in May 2013), which was reflected in gender equality and LGBTQIA + statistics that, repeatedly, “masked the urgent need for active positioning also on the anti-racist agenda ”.

With this, Nubank recognizes that it has lost the humility that characterizes the company’s main philosophy: understanding old problems with new solutions and an innovative mindset.

After spending the last few days talking to the black community of Nubankers and external activists, the company entered into a partnership with Instituto Identidades do Brasil as a “first step in this journey of learning and transformation”, with a view to promoting racial equality at Nubank.

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