Nubank Presents Its New Logo and Changes Its Visual Identity


Today, May 17, Nubank is releasing its new visual identity. The only Brazilian to be part of the traditional list of the 100 most influential companies in the world released annually by Time magazine, the fintech that has become a synonym for innovation and technology says on its website that it is launching “a brand that reflects our new moment”.

Defined by the American magazine as a brand that helps “millions to cross barriers by offering a variety of financial services via its smartphone app”, the company felt the need to remain current and relevant, especially in front of its huge young audience.

After eight years of what the bank calls a “restless spirit”, its commitment to focus on the real needs of the people behind the numbers proved to be successful. The launch of easy-to-use products, fair charges and a team of Xpeers that refuses to be called a “call center” are innovations that the institution felt the need to show in a rebranding.

The new Nubank logo

The new look proposes a different purple from the previous one, more striking, but with softer and rounded shapes. This means that the “nude” curves are more fluid and less square, as if showing more humane. Looking closely, you can see that they are two tapes turned with a movement that can be considered infinite.

Another great point is the filling in of the letters, which are now more palpable, with a greater weight, seeking to show a ripening of the products and a closer relationship with customers. Nubank promises for the coming months the change reflected in all its channels: app, website, social networks, blog and email.


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