Nubank PIX goes down on Monday morning


Nubank confirmed that the company’s systems are experiencing technical problems on Monday (12). More specifically, customers are not able to make transfers via Pix, the digital payment system implemented in 2020 in Brazil.

In the company’s Twitter account, customers who send messages with questions or complaints are advised to wait for a few more minutes until the situation is normalized. Fintech did not detail what happened, but the platform is down after “unexpected behavior” in the sport.

The error is generated mainly from those who try to transfer money to a Nubank account from other institutions.

At the moment, the teams are working on a solution to normalize the service as quickly as possible. Those who have doubts can consult the digital bank’s service channels and, alternatively, carry out a TED for bank transfers.

It is worth remembering, however, that the TED has a limit on business hours for realization, in addition to any charges for a transfer fee.

In a survey conducted in March 2021, the institution revealed that the PIX was already a success among account holders.