Nubank grew by 50% to reach 35 million customers


Nubank announced, on Monday (15), that it grew 50% between March 2020 and March 2021. In this period, which marks exactly 1 year of the pandemic, fintech’s user base went from 23 million to 35 million in the Brazil.

The company revealed that it has customers in all 5,570 municipalities in the country. According to the brand, since its founding in 2013, consumers have saved R $ 19 billion with credit card services without annual fees and a digital account with transfers and free maintenance.

“The calculation is made based on the average cost practiced by the market in fees for opening an account, maintenance fees and internal transfers and between banks and the card’s annual fee”, explained the company.

In all, about 32.5 million people have a digital account at Nubank and 21 million have a “purple” credit card. In 2020, these people handled around R $ 29.6 billion in deposits, a value 100% higher when compared to 2019.


Nubank also pointed out that more than US $ 1.2 billion of investments have been raised in seven rounds since 2013. Currently, fintech is one of the five most valuable financial institutions in Latin America and since 2020 it has already acquired three brands: Easynvest (digital investment broker), Cognitech (company in the software engineering market) and Plataformatec (technology consultancy).

In the past year, the digital bank has also started operations in Mexico and Colombia. In Brazil, new products were launched, such as an insurance program, investment and instant payment solutions, in this case, PIX.

Recently, the company also announced, along with other giants, the creation of Zetta, an association focused on innovation in the financial sector and digitalization of the economy.


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