Nubank buys Easyinvest, Brazil’s largest digital broker


The financial solutions company Nubank announced on Friday (11) the purchase of the investment platform Easyinvest, considered the largest digital broker in the self-direct modality, which gives complete autonomy to the client to move the money.

The purpose behind the purchase is to provide an even more affordable way of investing to the public. “With this union, we will start a revolution: the Nubank way of creating products that are easy to use and that have incredible service will reach the investment market”, affirms Nubank in an official statement made on the company’s blog.

Easyinvest already has 1.5 million customers and should now focus on democratizing the provision of simple and varied investment services.

Future steps

This is the third major acquisition of Nubank only in 2020: previously, fintech also bought technology consultancy Plataformatec and Cognitec, specialized in software engineering. In June of this year, it was elected the best bank in Brazil for the second year in a row.

For the time being, the company says that the two platforms will continue to operate completely independently, without any type of advantage or change in operation for customers. The purchase still depends on the approval of national regulatory bodies, including the Central Bank, and news will be released only after the resolution of these bureaucratic procedures.


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