Nubank accused of registering PIX without authorization


The new system of instant payments announced by the Central Bank, the PIX, is generating a real war between financial institutions, and it seems that some may not be playing fair. Companies like Nubank, Mercado Pago, PagSeguro, Bradesco, C6, PicPay and others were accused of making unsolicited registrations, leading the BC to open a formal inspection process.

Complaints on social networks and websites such as Reclame Aqui report the difficulty of canceling records supposedly implemented without consumer consent, as well as the impossibility of proceeding with portability – which will only be released as of November 16, the launch date of the PIX.

In a note released last Thursday (15), the Central Bank states “that it continuously monitors and supervises the key registration process” and that, “if it detects irregularities in these processes (formal inspection), including any improper registration, [ …] will punish offenders under the terms of the current regulation “.

Crazy race

Cell phone number and CPF are the keys most targeted by companies, since, due to the ease of memorization, they tend to be the most used. Soon, prizes of up to R $ 1 million will be drawn by banks and fintechs, for example, to convince their customers to choose them as carriers of the information. Benefits are also among the offers, such as Santander, which will guarantee 10 days interest free overdraft.

To Tecnoblog, Nubank, the isolated leader of registrations, denies that it is acting improperly, emphasizing that, in addition to having received the proper authorizations, it prepared “carefully a practical and simple communication flow” and sent, on 10/05, ” a request for consent via the app to all customers who had pre-registered “.

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Mercado Pago, on the other hand, argues that “the process for registering PIX keys occurred in accordance with the rules established by the Central Bank” and that “it will provide all necessary clarifications to the regulator and its customers”.


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