NSO, From The Spyware Pegasus, Can Be Sold Or Closed Its Doors


NSO: Security company NSO, responsible for the Pegasus protection and espionage platform, is evaluating options that could define the company’s future. The information is from Bloomberg, which heard sources related to the matter.

Several talks are underway and the alternatives considered include closing its doors permanently or selling the company by Israelis to two US investment groups, which would inject up to US$ 200 million to restructure the business. In addition, Pegasus would be closed from sale and later re-released, but only as a defense against cyber attacks.

The objective would be to try to clear the NSO’s name and start again in the market — initially, the company defended itself from recent accusations and even blamed it on its own customers, who would be the ones responsible for making an illegal use of the contracted service. Sought out by the original report, the parties involved did not respond or stated that they would not comment.

The power of Pegasus

Pegasus is a spyware commonly used as a defense mechanism, but several governments would have hired the service to spy on political enemies, businessmen, activists and journalists.

The platform is able to guarantee access to cell phones even if they are very well protected, intercepting text messages, photos, GPS and activating a camera and microphone without requiring authorization. In Brazil, Lava Jato would have considered using the software in an investigation.

Like many other concerned experts, former CIA operative and National Security Agency (NSA) espionage allegation officer Edward Snowden has called for a global ban on the service. Currently, Pegasus is on a ‘restricted list’ in the United States and has had sales suspended.