Allegation: Instagram Threatens ‘Verified’ Users Who Advertise Snapchat


Allegation: Instagram Threatens ‘Verified’ Users Who Advertise Snapchat

The social media conflict between Instagram and Snapchat, which has flared up in recent years, has escalated with Snapchat’s claims recently. According to Snapchat’s claims, Instagram threatens and sanctions “verified” accounts that advertise Snapchat.

Facebook has become a monopoly on social media by purchasing giant platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, and as it is known, Snapchat has added many different features to its platform. These events, on the other hand, increased the tension between the two companies and went back to mutual discourse.

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal is almost adet give up. In general, the news describes Snapchat’s anger and frustration over Facebook’s claim that it suppresses competition. The events were so severe that Snapchat listed his complaints about Facebook with a document called “Project Voldemort”. The name comes from Voldemort, the worst wizard of all time.

Instagram warns ‘verified’ users not to share Snapchat:




Snapchat has many different reasons to get angry with Facebook. In August 2016, Instagram added the Snapchat clone “Stories una to its platform. This feature became common in Facebook and then WhatsApp a few months later.

These series of moves that Facebook has unplugged Snapchat have given Snapchat a say. Allegedly, Instagram threatened all “verified” users who shared Snapchat links in their posts and advertised on this platform, otherwise they would be taken away from “verification” if they stopped their behavior.

Instagram blocked most things about Snapchat:

Also Snapchat, Instagram’s; He says he has removed all Snapchat-related content, photos and videos using Snapchat filters, and all posts discarded with the tag “#snapchat inden from the“ search ”and discovery tab. As a result, Instagram prevented users from adding Snapchat links and WhatsApp’s competing Telegram links to their profiles and started playing the game more explicitly.

Events have become so obvious that Instagram has no reservations. Even in March 2019, Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom even admitted that he had “hit” the idea of Instagram Stories from Snapchat. We will see together how the dispute between the two platforms will come to an end.


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