Now you can buy a Tesla by paying in bitcoin in the USA


Carmaker Tesla has announced that it will now accept payments in bitcoin form for electric cars. The statement came from the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, who posted a message on his Twitter account.

For now, the payment method with cryptocurrency can only be used in the United States, but the method will be expanded to other countries towards the end of 2021. There is still no details on how the transfer will work, if it will take into account currency fluctuation or set a value at the time the purchase is made.

In addition, the businessman stressed that Tesla will not convert bitcoin into dollars, but rather keep the stock for itself by operating directly with the cryptocurrency and using it as an investment. In February of this year, documents already suggested that this could already happen.

It is worth remembering that Musk himself is very involved with cryptocurrencies and the adoption of bitcoin as a form of payment should not be a coincidence. The entrepreneur also works with digital arts from the so-called NTFs.


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