Now There Is $ 10.4 Billion Under Grayscale Management


Crypto investment firm Grayscale Investments announced the value of assets under its management (AUM): $ 10.4 billion. The same value for the company was less than $ 10 billion the day before.

Grayscale Investments, the investment giant in the field of digital assets, announced that the value of the assets (AUM) under its management has exceeded $ 10 billion. Yesterday, the company’s AUM value was announced as $ 9.9 billion. Grayscale increased its AUM value by $ 500 million in just 1 day.

The company addressed investors with a tweet after the company status update on November 17th. The company emphasized that they offer a simple and auditable access to digital assets through reliable service provider networks and well-known investment products.

Bitcoin price increase has a large share

The company announced yesterday that it has 500 thousand Bitcoins under its management. The AUM value announced yesterday for the company’s Bitcoin investment product, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, was $ 8 billion 355 million. With the Bitcoin price increasing significantly in the last 24 hours, this value has increased to 8 billion 851 million.

Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of Grayscale Investments, answered Maisie Williams, who is known for his role in Game of Thrones, “Should I buy Bitcoin?” And recommended his company. The company has proven once again that it is one of the leaders of the field with the data announced today, and the foundations of Silbert’s advice have been reinforced once.

Not only BTC, other products are on the rise

Among Grayscale investment products, the value of assets under management varied the most amongst the Ethereum Classic Trust and Litecoin Trust. The AUM value, which was $ 64.7 million yesterday for the Grayscale Ethereum Classic investment product, increased by $ 4.3 million to $ 69.6 million, according to updated data. Litecoin Turst, on the other hand, increased by $ 5 million compared to yesterday, increasing the value of assets under its management to $ 58 million.

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Grayscale Ethereum Trust, the most invested product of the company after the BTC product, also managed to carry the AUM value, which was $ 1 billion 174 million yesterday, to 1 billion 221 million. The value of assets under management; It was $ 46.3 million for Bitcoin Cash Trust, $ 9.8 million for XRP Trust and $ 11.7 million for Grayscale Zcash Trust.


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