Now Prince Charles Caught Coronary Infusion


The coronavirus, which caused COVID-19 disease first seen in Wuhan, China, affected the whole world in a very short time. While the coronavirus grabbed many famous names for COVID-19 disease, Prince of Wales Charles now announced that the coronavirus test was positive.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has been the most talked about recently and declared as “pandemic” by the World Health Organization, continues to die. In Turkey, officially announced on March 11 after the first coronavirus cases often “Turkey at home” call was made. However, the virus continues to infect more and more people every day. Charles, Prince of Wales, also caught a coronavirus, according to a recent breaking news.

According to the statement, the Prince of Wales shows mild symptoms of CoVID-19 disease. It is suggested that Prince Charles will survive the disease without any serious problems, as it shows mild symptoms. Prince Charles isolated himself from the world at his home in Scotland with his 71-year-old wife, Duchess of Cornwall.

Clarence House spokesperson said, “Prince Charles has mild symptoms and is in good health for now. He has been working from home as usual for the past few days. The Duchess of Cornwall was also tested, but her coronavirus test was negative. Following the doctor’s advice, Prince and Duchess are now insulating themselves in their home in Scotland. It is not possible to determine who has received the virus from the prince’s high number of engagements in his public role in recent weeks ”.

Only certain people can enter the place where Prince Charles is located, since the virus is not known from whom and when. The health of Prince Charles, who is said to be in good condition for now, is difficult to predict in the coming days.


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