It is now possible to message from Instagram via computer!


Instagram has been trying to bring features that are in its mobile app for the desktop version for a while now. One of these, DM, the direct message feature, is one of the features that users expect most in the desktop version. Although Instagram is a mobile application, the desktop version is still used by many people. With Instagram desktop direct message feature, many people will have more control in their accounts.

Instagram desktop gains direct messaging feature
This feature, which started testing last year, is now at the end of the road and is available for users. When many people using the Instagram desktop version wanted to check incoming direct messages, they had to pick up their phone. This feature, which has been tested by Instagram for a very long time, is finally available.

It should be noted, however, that this feature is not currently available for every user. When we log in from other accounts and try this feature, the feature was not active in some accounts while it was in use in some accounts.

Besides, as you know, every new feature does not reach every user at the same time. The feature in question has probably reached some users and some has not.

In addition to this feature, there are other features that will be useful for people who produce social media content. In addition to checking direct messages, you will now be able to organize your other activities with the Instagram desktop version.


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