Now On Windows 10: Disney Plus App Finally Hits The Microsoft Store


Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming services right now, and we had already received confirmation that it would get a Windows 11 app from the Microsoft Store. Now the app is finally available for Windows 10. See how it looks and how to download it.


The Disney Plus app is available for computers running Windows 10 with build 19041.0 or later. Disney Plus for Windows 10 has an interface very similar to the one seen on Android TV and other platforms and this means that it is still not possible to download series as we see on Netflix, for example.

In addition, the application allows you to use GroupWatch to watch series and movies together with your friends even from a distance on different devices.

Finally, it is worth remembering that there are several offers to subscribe to Disney Plus at a discount, such as the Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago promotions, which even offer free subscriptions to Disney Plus and Star Plus together.

If you want to download the app, just tap the card below that takes you to the main stores for the most popular operating systems at the moment.


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