Now on sale ‘The Monkey King’s Odyssey.


Héroes de Papel publishes in Spain a book dedicated to the history of the cultural phenomenon of Akira Toriyama. Luxury finishes; available in stores.

Héroes de Papel has put up for sale in Spain ‘The Monkey King’s Odyssey. The origin of Dragon Ball ’, a book based on the work of Akira Toriyama where the history of this cultural phenomenon is reviewed, which transcends beyond the comic, anime or video game. With special emphasis on the figure of Son Goku, the copy, signed by Ignacio Pillonetto, explains where the name Sun Wu-Kung comes from and why the figure of the Monkey King is so important.

The Spanish publishing house thus opens its range of publications with the Héroes de Papel Crossover label, endowed not only with works on videogames, but others that are linked, in one way or another, to electronic entertainment; always maintaining in common the essayistic and informative will of all his productions.

‘The Odyssey of the Monkey King. The origin of Dragon Ball ’

Using the Monkey King as a guide, we enter a symbolic universe, where myth, history, Buddhism and pop culture come together in a fantastic collage that reflects how much is hidden behind the figure of Son Goku and the magic balls ”.

Now available on the web and in bookstores throughout Spain

The hardcover, color-illustrated book includes original artwork made for the occasion. Likewise, the volume has a prologue signed by Oriol Estrada, author and disseminator of Japanese culture; while the renowned translator Marc Bernabé, from Daruma Serveis Lingüistics, has been interviewed exclusively for ‘The Monkey King’s Odyssey. The origin of Dragon Ball ’. The price of the book in its normal edition is 22.95 euros; You can buy it on the Héroes de Papel website or in bookstores throughout Spain, including large stores. In this link you can find an excerpt from the book.

Exclusive illustration print
Box with special design and luxury finish
Set of 10 cards with illustrations based on original covers of the Dragon Ball manga
Numbered certificate


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