Now let the banks think! The emergence of an Apple Card savings account


Apple is switching to banking with a new feature that it will add to the Apple Card service. Now the company will allow you to open a savings account.

Technology giant Apple introduced a payment tool called Apple Card a few years ago. The system, which allows users to pay more comfortably, offers all the features that a regular credit card offers. Now, according to the information that has appeared, Apple Card is turning into a bank with a new feature that it has added to its service. Here are the details!

You can receive interest on an Apple savings account

By offering its users an easier way to pay using the Apple Card service, Apple is adding a new feature to its service. The company is taking an important step towards providing more banking services to its users. According to the new feature, users will have the opportunity to open a savings account for themselves.

Apple announced today in its blog that Apple Card users will soon be able to open a savings account. With this account, Apple Card users will be able to accumulate cash on a daily basis. He will be able to increase his rewards in a highly profitable Goldman Sachs savings account.

Also, according to the company’s statement, there are no restrictions on savings accounts. That is, the user who deposited $ 1 will receive an interest income of $ 1. In short, users will have the opportunity to open a savings account and receive interest income from the money they invest.

Users can also deposit additional funds into their savings account with an associated bank account to further increase savings. An innovation similar to this feature of Apple has taken place on different platforms. PayPal recently added a savings account with an annual return of 2.45%.

The company says the savings account option will be available in the coming months. But he has yet to reveal what the interest rate will be for daily cash balances. It should also be noted that Apple Card has no active service in Turkey. This means that there will be no savings account in our country.

So, what do you think about the Apple Card savings account feature? Don’t forget to share your opinion with us in the comments section!


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