Now is the worst time to buy cell phone


The Brazilian does not have a peaceful day. As if all the other problems were not enough, those consumers who are now looking for a new cell phone for day-to-day activities can prepare their pockets, as it became impossible to buy a good device at a nice price. There are four reasons that explain this situation.

The interruption of China’s production chain is the first of them. When the coronavirus crisis was still an epidemic, Chinese factories had to close their doors and stop making components that are needed in the production of the most coveted electronic devices. It was like that at the beginning of the year.

Brazil even has local production, concentrated in the states of São Paulo and Amazonas. These are installations that are mainly dedicated to assembling smartphones from many imported parts. By closing there, the Chinese impacted factory life here.

When the epidemic became a pandemic, it was the turn of national production to also suffer choking and reductions, in view of the need to adapt to safety standards. Nowadays the situation is heading towards normalization, but the effects have been harmful, with the right to the biggest drop since 2018.

To make matters worse, add reason number two: the dollar. The currency of the United States appreciated against other currencies in the world. In the meantime, our real has been bitter on the most depreciated currency.

In other words, the parts were already missing and the ones left were more expensive.

This caused an important share of prices to be readjusted. Last Monday (17th), we exclusively published a survey that proves that in July, eight of the ten most wanted cell phones in the country had the highest price of the year. The high reaches 19%.

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Only two Apple models are cheaper. Still, it is worth remembering that it is almost a market law to see the iPhone cost more than the Samsungs and Motorolas in the national top 10. Even though they have fallen, they still weigh in the consumer’s pocket, strangled amid layoffs, salary cuts and other economic difficulties in the current scenario. This is the third reason.

To complete, the fourth reason concerns the cost-benefit of the equipment. Have you ever stopped to see Nokia 2.3, launched for R $ 999? The smartphone crashes at all times. The most basic of basic phones cannot perform the most basic tasks. As a specialist in this sector, I am even embarrassed to say that there are no good smartphones from the 2020 harvest for less than R $ 1,700 or something close to that.

A graduated source with years of experience in telecommunications confided to me that it was better to get used to getting used to prices “starting at R $ 1,200”. It already looked bad, but the reality that prevails is even worse.


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