NOW Introduces The First Snowboard Equipment Designed By Artificial Intelligence


Together with the innovative ski equipment company NOW, Nidecker Group and ADDIT-ION, it introduced the first ski equipment designed by artificial intelligence.

There are many things artificial intelligence can do, many areas where it can operate. As the work in the field of artificial intelligence increases, new ones are added to these fields. Finally, support for artificial intelligence was received in the design of ski equipment.

Ski equipment manufacturer NOW, which is a very innovative company in its field, is; In collaboration with artificial intelligence design experts Nidecker Group and ADDIT-ION, it designed snowboard connection equipment through artificial intelligence and produced it using 3D printers.

A design came out of artificial intelligence where everything was considered:
NOW turned to artificial intelligence to design a snowboard fitting that would have the most responsive connections, the most suitable structure for turns, and the highest rigidity with the least weight. For this purpose, support was obtained from ADDIT-ION’s artificial intelligence and 3D printing technology.

Artificial intelligence produced different designs by using many different materials in Autodesk program. Then the most ideal one was chosen among these designs. Salo Arms, co-founder of ADDIT-ION, said, “This concept will be the starting point for new paradigms where algorithms and personalization provide special and all-purpose designs in sports equipment.”

The design of artificial intelligence is lighter than other designs:
The connection system designed by artificial intelligence is 25% lighter than its current counterparts. Powder based 3D printing was used in the production of the part. Oriol Massanes from ADDIT-ION states that it is possible to print without support thanks to this method.

3D printing also allows the other parts of the connection equipment to be customized and printed. Thus, it is also possible to have completely personalized products. NOW founder JF Pelchat describes the results of information sharing as incredible. This initiative gives an idea about new products that may arise as a result of the cooperation of companies from different sectors.


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