Now, Ghost of Tsushima lets you pet and recruit dogs


It cannot be denied that, in many moments, dogs were quite uncomfortable enemies in Ghost of Tsushima. However, the next update will change that, allowing you to pet the pets and recruit them to help you.

Patch 1.1 that arrives next week will allow you to equip the Charm of Canine in New Game +. It is a spell used by Jin to ally himself with the dogs that follow the Mongols, helping the player to build a strategy on top of that and to reduce the risk of these animals disturbing the battle.

Another interesting addition to this mechanic is in Legends mode where, whenever Jin meets a spiritual dog, you can pet him. A post on the game’s official Twitter specifies how interaction with dogs works:

The new update 1.1 does not stop there and promises to include several very interesting elements. In addition to some extra modes and the already mentioned New game +, which allows the player to start Jin’s adventure with all the equipment conquered, the patch is responsible for bringing the expected co-op Legends mode, with new adventures and battles for up to 4 players. .

That, not to mention some custom equipment and a new seller of paints and other items. Check out the update trailer – which also talks about multiplayer mode:

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