Novavax: Vaccine Is Over 90% Effective Against Covid-19


Novavax: This Monday (14), the American pharmaceutical Novavax released a study in which it announces the effectiveness of its vaccine against covid-19. As announced, the immunizing agent is more than 90% effective, including against variants.

The study was conducted with 29,960 volunteers in the United States and Mexico. In a statement, the laboratory announced that the vaccine “has demonstrated 100% protection against diseases at moderate and severe levels, and 90.4% effectiveness overall.” Already against variants, the number reached 93.2%.

In addition, the company said the vaccine was 91% effective among people at high risk, including seniors over 65 or with comorbidities. The company also did not report against which variants the immunizing agent is most effective.

Novavax vaccine should be given in two doses three weeks apart. The drugmaker also said that it intends to ask for authorization to use the vaccine at the beginning of the second half.


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