Notion: application for routine organization and content


Offering a multitude of features, Notion is a multifunctional application used by many people to organize their personal and professional lives. Today, it is adopted by students, professionals from different fields and even housewives.

In particular, the app concentrates all the tools to improve the organization and increase productivity in one place.

Creating a Notion account

One of the first advantages of Notion is that it is a platform that is available on several devices. In this way, it is possible to create an account through the website, the desktop application (Windows and Mac) or in the versions for Android and iOS.

When creating the account, the user will answer some questions about his occupation. Then, he will be able to choose a predefined list of simple tasks that help to understand how the tool works.

After this stage, the person is free to interact with Notion and create an environment so that he can organize his personal and professional life in the way he wishes. Although it still doesn’t have options in Portuguese, this is a very intuitive and versatile tool.

Customize your organization schedule

The great premise of Notion is to allow the user to build his own environment and adapt to his needs. Therefore, the platform offers simple tools for customizations.

Each page in the app is called “blocks” and it can be edited any way the user wants. Thus, it is possible to transform it into a task list, a notepad, a spreadsheet or a text document. Indeed, the possibilities are almost endless.

The user is also able to insert photos, tables, activity boards and incorporate HTML codes. In addition, the platform itself offers several templates with different uses and fully customizable.

Due to the freedom to create, Notion replaces several productivity and organization apps, such as Trello, ToDoist and even Google Workspace. All this for the simple fact of being able to centralize everything in one place.


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